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5.4L DOHC Fuel Injected Intake Manifold

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  • 5.4L DOHC Fuel Injected Intake Manifold
Sullivan Performance

Product Description




We have developed a single plane intake manifold for use on 5.4L DOHC modular engines. Designed for mid to hi-rpm horsepower these intakes will allow the use of much more radical cams than was previously possible. TPI intakes take advantage of pressure pulses created by the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. These pressure pulses have the effect of ramming air into the cylinders. The length and volume of the intake tracts determines at what RPM this ramcharging takes place.The downside to this is that it occurs only over a limited rpm range. About 1000 RPM. The emphasis on factory TPI intakes is low to mid RPM torque and horsepower. Not what you need for hi-performance use. These engines need to wind to create horsepower. The higher RPM's is where the superiority of the 4 valve heads really shine. Due to the long runner design of the factory intakes they do not flow well at high RPM, nor do they respond well to hi-lift long duration cams. Up to now there was really no option other than fabricating a very expensive sheet metal intake.

The original design of this intake was created using computer modeling software. We have spent countless hours designing and testing the individual runners to help promote low RPM velocity without degrading Hi-RPM flow. Each runner is individually designed to allow as close as possible, the same flow for all 8 runners.
Want to make horsepower? This is the intake to do it

  • Utilizes standard Holley© bolt pattern for the throttle body or carburetor.
  • Fuel rail mounts are cast in to allow for Sullivan Performance fuel rails.
  • The throttle linkage mounts are standards within the industry allowing for the use of existing aftermarket throttle cable brackets.
  • Large boss cast into the bottom of the plenum to allow for any vacuum configuration.
  • Nitrous bosses cast into the bottom of each runner to allow for port nitrous systems.
  • Available with or without injector holes drilled to enable the use of a carburetor.
  • Generous amount of material to allow for port matching.
  • This intake does not include provision for EGR. If EGR is necessary it will require the use of a plate type EGR adapter.